What is Atz Kilcher’s First Wife Lenedra Carroll Doing Now?

Lenedra Carroll is a businesswoman, author, musician, and the founder of Higher Ground for Humanity. She is known as the mother of the Grammy-nominated singer, Jewel Kilcher. She is mostly known as an ex-wife of Atz Kilcher.

To know what she’s up to these days, keep reading!

Lenedra Carroll Net worth

Lenedra Carroll is decently rich and has made most of her income from the different professions she has been in. As you already know, she is into writing, singing, and entrepreneurship.

As of 2023, Carroll has a net worth of $2 million. However, her monthly income and salary are not known, but we know this is because she likes to keep her things private. Being a singer, she makes roughly between $45000 and $65000 per year. We can only assume this.

Lenedra Carroll Personal Life, Marriage, Divorce

There are many reasons why Carroll is famous. Firstly, she was the wife of Atz Kilcher, a reality TV star and a singer. They were blessed with three children- two sons and a daughter.

However, little is known about their relationship, but they divorced in 1982. No one still knows the reason for their divorce.

Carroll does not have a good relationship with her kids, especially her daughter Jewel. It is said that she left the family when Jewel was 8 years old.

Atz won the custody of all the children. After the divorce, Atz became an alcoholic and abused his children, as reported by Jewel. Their childhood was rough.

Image of Caption: Lenedra Carroll and her ex-husband Atz Kilcher
Caption: Lenedra Carroll and her ex-husband Atz Kilcher

Jewel later said that even though things were bad, she later worked with her mother, who became her manager for some time, and they even created a non-profit organization before they went their separate ways.

Nevertheless, Carroll has tried to get along with her children and even their father. After her divorce, she has never been in any relationship with a man. But as for Atz, he got married to Bonnie Dupree, a reality TV star.

Lenedra Carroll’s Children.

Shane Kilcher.

Her firstborn is Shane Kilcher, born in 1971. Shane is a TV reality personality who’s appeared in several episodes of The Last Frontier.

Image of Caption: Lenedra Carroll first child Shane Kilcher
Caption: Lenedra Carroll first child Shane Kilcher

The share has a wife called Kelli, and they both are cast members of the reality TV series, something that has made them extremely popular. She went to Home High School and was born and raised in Alaska, he is currently trying to make a home in Homer, where his family will settle down.

Image of Caption: Lenedra Carroll with her daughter Jewel
Caption: Lenedra Carroll with her daughter Jewel

Jewel Kilcher(second Child/only Daughter)

The second child is Jewel, who is the only daughter of Atz and Carroll. Jewel was born on May 23rd, 1974, and was raised in Home. She is a musician, poet, producer, actress, and author. She became famous when she launched her album Pieces of You in 1995.

Other than singing, she is into writing and acting and has even published her poetry collection. She has also appeared in the movie Ride with the Devil. Her ex-husband is Ty Murray, whom she married for six years and later divorced. The couple had a son called Case Townes. Jewel resides in Nashville.

The Youngest.

The youngest of Atz and Carroll is Atz Lee Kilcher. He was born in 1977. Just like the rest of the family, Alt Lee is also a reality TV personality and has appeared on the family show The Last Frontier.

He is also a good instrumentalist; he plays the guitar. Alt Lee has a wife called Jane Kilcher, and together they have two children, Etienne and Piper. He was arrested and charged with hunting helicopters in 2015. Bear hunting is illegal in Alaska.

Image of Caption: Carroll and Atz youngest son Atz Lee Kilcher
Caption: Carroll and Atz youngest son Atz Lee Kilcher

Alt Lee Kilcher is the youngest child of Lenedra Carroll and Atz Kilcher, born in 1977, and is also a reality television star who also appeared in “The Last Frontier” series. Lee played guitar all over the country while growing up before he finally settled in Alaska.

He is married to Jane Kilcher, and the two have two kids, Piper and Etienne. In 2015 he was charged for hunting a bear using a helicopter, something that is illegal in Alaska.

Lenedra Height and Weight.

There are no details about Carroll’s body measurements. However, she has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. Her eyes are brown and her hair is blonde.

Presence on Social Media.

Carroll likes to keep her personal life private. Thus, she does not have any social medical pages under her name.

Wiki bio

Full Name:     Lenedra Carroll
Age:    71 years old
Birth Date:     1952
Birth Place:   Alaska, USA
Net Worth:     $2 Million
Spouse:         Atz Kilcher (div. 1982)

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