Atz Kilcher Current Wife Bonnie Dupree Biography & 7 Facts.

Bonnie Dupree, famously known as Bonnie Kilcher, was born on February 5th, 1954, in Saranac Lake, New York. Having lived there all her childhood and playing in the mud, she decided to move to her town at the age of 22 and experience life in another place. This is the point where she decided to trot the globe and finally settling in Alaska.

Bonnie Dupree Family.

There she found a whole new type of life and me and also met a man who would later become her husband, Doug Schwiesow was his name. Together, they had a lovely marriage life.

They had so much in common, living life in natural conditions and ended up moving into the wilderness near Homer, Alaska having nothing but a loft and a wood stove.

Image of Caption: Bonnie Dupree kids Karl and Hannah
Caption: Bonnie Dupree kids Karl and Hannah

Unfortunately, Doug fell ill and finally succumbed to the illness while undergoing treatment leaving Bonnie with their two children, Karl and Hannah.

Image of  Caption: Bonnie Dupree and her first husband Doug Schwiesow with their children
Caption: Bonnie Dupree and her first husband Doug Schwiesow with their children

After Doug’s death, she decided to move to a homestead in Alaska, where she met a man by the name of Atz Kilcher, who originally came from Switzerland; he was a widower, too, with four children to take care of.

Image of Caption: Bonnie Dupree with her husband Atz Kilcher
Caption: Bonnie Dupree with her husband, Atz Kilcher

As the days passed, feelings grew, and they got married and started their farm life together. Bonnie decided to adapt to this kind of life. She would join her husband on the farms, and from there, she learned to gather food and store it for the cold days of the Alaska weather.

With both of them sharing a lot in common, Bonnie settled for a part in the American Discovery TV Series ‘Alaska, The Last Frontier’ together with the husband as one of the main casts in the same show.

Her love for nature and skiing never died; she still does what she loves, including listening to her music when she has her free time or even working

Her Net worth.

The 69-year-old Bonnie’s net worth is estimated to be $7,000,000 together with her husband. This is the income they get from the Discovery Series, where they are on set together.

Together, they also happen to own a large spread of land of 61 acres and real estate holdings where their net worth is $3.6 million. According to the locals, they claim that there are  207 acres more than the Kilcher family happen to own around the city.

Image of Caption: TV Personality, Bonnie Dupree net worth
Caption: TV Personality, Bonnie Dupree net worth

The TV show has seen Bonnie rise to fame. Her role and her ability to adapt to the weather won her a lot of audiences.

She has the capability to use no modern tools to survive but to make things happen every other time.

Most of her fans keep wondering how she manages to do all this in zero-degree temperatures. The weather allowed her to explore further her skiing skills and experience all the extreme weather and the challenges. Her down-to-earth character also radiates in real life.

Now, at 69 years old, she is settled with her big family of 6 children with no child added to the current marriage. Their kids from Bonnie’s previous relationship, Hanna is now a renowned Yoga Instructor and her son Kart is now an artist.

Her life ended up where she wanted, happy with her own family.

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