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James Franzo is an American actor whose face is recognizable to most people alive in the 60s. At the time, he was the mainstay on the popular American soap opera “Days of Our lives.”

Its long-run made James a household name at the time. Once opportunities to act began to get scarce and far between, James inevitably switched to voice acting.

The article will deconstruct the man’s biography behind the voice that has captured the attention of many. We will look at James Franzo’s age, career info, net worth, and family. He enjoyed equal success in this field.

Who is James Franzo? His Career info.

James Franzo is a voice actor widely celebrated for his work on National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero.” The show documents the everyday struggles of living in an area as vast and punishing as Alaska. It follows some of the most challenging and most efficient survival experts as they face nature.

Out of the show’s 152 total episodes, James Franzo has lent his voice to 143 episodes. James has been the show’s narrator right from the get-go. It is a position he still holds even as we write.

James Franzo takes his viewers step by step through every corner of Alaska in the documentary. In it, you can see how the people of Alaska struggle for their survival. James took a break from the documentary because of medical issues, specifically heart transfer.

He went back to work after his recovery. For its fantastic cinematography, the documentary won an Emmy Award. The documentary has a total of 14 seasons.

In addition to this, James also worked on a 2015 film called The Prison Web. In it, he collaborates with actors like Markell Andrew and David Bianchi. Though it was a relatively small role, James” performance still caught the eye of many.

James Franzo’s Age.

James Franzo was born in 1970, on February 11th. The voice actor is currently 53 years old. Very little information regarding his social life, earnings, and family shows that the man is doing his best to live a very private life.

James Franzo’s Net worth

Sources say that James Franzo earns $ 4500 per episode in “Life Before Zero.” It is the standard wage for most of the other cast members.

James’s net worth is currently under review, though some sources say that his net worth could be around $250,000. We will keep updating you with all the latest news regarding his finances.

Is James Franzo married?

James Franzo lives a very private life, for his wife’s identity and his children are unknown. It was mentioned that he has siblings, David Franzo and Rocco Franzo. The actor lives in Levittown, New York. James has indeed been a mysterious man.

Even in his time in Days of our Lives, he was still full of mystery. However, common sense dictates that a man of his age would indeed be married at this stage.

We are prepared to bet everything that we own that James Franzo does certainly have a wife and maybe even a few children as well.

The TV star and voice actor, James Franzo
The TV star and voice actor, James Franzo.

He could just be choosing to keep his family away from the spotlight. It is understandable as media attention can sometimes prove detrimental to one’s life. Until we can confirm this, though, it all remains speculation.

James Franzo Wiki-Facts

Full name James Franzo
Age 53 years old
Date of Birth February 11th, 1970
Place of Birth United States of America
Profession Actor, Voice Artist
Net worth $250,000
Wife Under review
Kids Under review
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Parents Unknown

You would not be able to tell how old James Franzo is judging by how well he has maintained himself.

Looking at his posted pictures, he seems to be fit and in good health even after his heart transplant. No information is given concerning his early childhood or family.

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