What is Todd Hoffman doing now in 2023 after Leaving Gold Rush?

Todd Hoffman is an American TV star. He made his debut in Gold Rush when it aired on Discovery Channel. Apart from Gold Rush, he has also been in spin-offs like The Ballard of Parker and Todd. Through Goldrush, Todd has gained several fans. That is most probably why many of his fans on social media were asking for his whereabouts.

Where did Todd Hoffman go? What is he doing now? You will learn more details about Todd Hoffman: his career, net worth, family, and other facts about him.

Todd Hoffman’s Gold Rush Career.

Hoffman’s gold mining career began way before he was featured in Gold Rush. Like his father, he decided to take on the same job.

Todd teamed up with six men and moved to Porcupine Creek, Alaska, to mine gold. Later, he added more workers on his team. One day they got luckier, and Raw TV Productions wanted to start a show featuring them. We now know who the mastermind of the Gold Rush is.

Image of Gold Rush cast Todd Hoffman
Caption: Gold Rush cast Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman led his team to success by using his unique skills and taking huge risks. Todd and his father have been on the show from the start to season 8. The Hoffmans have starred and worked alongside Jimmy Dorsey, Fred Hurt, John Schnabel, and other casts.

What happened to Todd Hoffman on Gold Rush?

A lot of God Rush viewers were asking about Todd Hoffman’s whereabouts. Why wasn’t he in season 9 of the show? He had his reasons, and his first was that he wanted to pursue his music career.

So far, he has released several cover songs online. Todd has also removed some of his music, and they can be found on Spotify. Apart from his music career, Todd has also started his own Media Production Company, ZUM Media.

Where is Todd Hoffman now?

Todd Hoffman is spending much time with his family now. Aside from that, he is focussing on his music career and his production company. There were rumours that Todd was planning on making a reality spin-off of Gold Rush called Greenhorn Gold.

With his production company, things would go smoothly for him. There have not been any further details regarding the reality show.

What is Todd Hoffman doing now?

Recently, Todd Hoffman posted that he was returning to gold mining on his social media. He told the press that he had already bought all the equipment and that he would be going back to Alaska soon.

However, he would not be returning on the Discovery Channel. We hope that he will consider posting his gold mining journey so that his fans keep track of his success.

Todd Hoffman is also in partnership with Pluto. Together, they want to produce a car show. Hoffman announced on his Twitter account. For sure, his fans can’t wait to see what he is up to next.

Net Worth.

Todd Hoffman’s net worth is $8 million. His years-old gold mining has finally paid off. It is impressive when we look back at his career before being featured on TV.

Todd Hoffman got to live his dream as a gold miner with his father. In his time on Gold Rush, he received a salary of $25,000 in every episode. You can imagine the amount of wealth he has for all eight seasons.

Image of TV star, Todd Hoffman net worth
Caption: TV star Todd Hoffman’s net worth Todd now earns from his career in the music industry. Per season, his estimated salary was $200k-$400k.  We are not sure if his production company is paying off.

Of course, being a millionaire, he has a collection of cars somewhere in his garage. Hoffman drives a 1949 Chevy, 2017 Ram2500. Apart from those two, he also has a 1972 Chevrolet Camaro.

Wife and Kids.

Todd Hoffman is married to Shawna Hoffman. Together, they have two children: Hudson and Hunter.  He has not disclosed any further details on their marriage life, including when they married.

Image of Todd Hoffman with his wife Shawna Hoffman and daughter Hudson
Caption: Todd Hoffman with his wife Shawna Hoffman and daughter Hudson

Hunter has been featured a couple of times on Television beside his father. Since Todd values his privacy, he has not given further details on his sons and wife. However, we know that they live in Sandy, Oregon.

Wiki and other facts

Full name Todd Hoffman
Age 54years old
Date of Birth 12th April 1969
Place of Birth Sandy, Oregon, United States
Profession Tv Personality
Net worth $7 million
Wife Shawna Hoffman
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aries
Parents Jack Hoffman, Georgia Hoffman

Todd Hoffman was born on 12th April 1969 in Sandy, Oregon, to Jack and Georgia Hoffman. He is currently 54 years and a proud husband and father. Here are a few facts about him that you may not have known:

  • Todd Hoffman has invested in a Sober Living Facility.
  • He is a huge fan of basketball.
  • He left Gold Rush to pursue his singing career.
  • Many scenes were reshot during his time in Gold Rush.
  • Todd has his own Production Company called ZUM Media.

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