Tyler and Ashley Sheldon Wiki biography and Facts.

Tyler and Ashley Sheldon star on the Discovery Channel show, The Last Alaskans. Like all of the other survivors, they strive to adapt and survive in the Arctic Refuge.

It means sometimes going toe to toe with the fiercest animals around: ranging from bears to foxes! To survive, Ashley and her husband have had to get good at trapping and hunting.

So how did the two met? Do they have any kids? Get answers to all your burning questions right here as we explore the lives of Tyler and Ashley Sheldon in detail. We will examine facts like their age and biography.

Who are Ashley and Tyler Sheldon?

Ashley Sheldon is a reality television star, blogger, and survival specialist. Most of Ashley’s life has entailed traversing the Arctic refuge on her way to the trap line which her family had set up. This is how they ensure that they survive throughout the harsh winters.

Every year, Ashley and her family travel across the most remarkable landscapes you’ll ever see in the world.

Gazing upon this beauty comes with a steep price as for nearly half a year, Ashley and anyone brave enough to embark on the treacherous journey become solely dependent on the wilderness. If they want to eat, then they have to hunt or fish.

Image of Tyler and Ashley from the TV show, The Last Alaskans
Caption: Tyler and Ashley from the TV show, The Last Alaskans

When they have gathered enough, Ashley and Tyler then make their way to a nearby town, Fairbanks, where they can sell some of the furs they have harvested in the refuge.

Interestingly enough, the two also rear birds like turkeys & chicken for food as well as profit. They sell what they don’t need and keep the rest for winter.

The Last Alaskan Ashley and Tyler Sheldon’s net worth.

Back when they were not part of the Last Alaskans, Ashley and her husband earned a living from looking for odd jobs around the town. It helped them save a bit of extra cash, which was vital during the harsh winter.

Their financial burden was eased once they started featuring on the Discovery Channel show. Sources say that Tyler and his wife make $3,000 for every episode the network runs featuring them. As such, the two have amassed an impressive net worth of $100,000.

How Tyler and Ashley Sheldon Met?

Ashley and Tyler are college sweethearts. So what does this mean? The two first ran into each other while they were both students in Minnesota.

One thing they had in common was their love for the outdoors. After all, Ashley had basically grown up in the woods, thrust as far away from civilization as one could be!

Image of Ashley with her husband Tyler along with their kids Sydney and Blaze
Caption: Ashley with her husband Tyler along with their kids Sydney and Blaze

By the time graduation was upon them, they were both rearing to leave city life behind. Consequently, they relocated to Alaska, embarking on an adventure of a lifetime.

Today, the couple has two children. Their firstborn daughter, Sydney, is three. She was born on March 29th, 2017. Sydney has a younger sister named Blaze.

Ashley does not own a phone!

To say that Ashley Sheldon is old fashioned would be putting it mildly. She recently revealed that she does not even own a phone. That is like finding a unicorn in this day and change.

Most people are practically glued to their devices throughout the day. In an ever-evolving technological landscape, Ashley has chosen not to be bound by the grip it seems to have on everyone else.

Ashley Sheldon also has her blog.

Living in the Arctic National Refuge opens up Ashley and her family to a world of adventure. She and her husband lived in reserve for almost a decade before they got the attention of producers. Because of all the stories, she decided to start her blog.

Other than talking about her life in the refuge, Ashley also shares her experience as a mother. Just recently, she spoke about raising her two daughters, Sydney and Blaze.

Tyler and Ashley Sheldon started as log peelers.

Tyler and her husband initially worked at the local lumber yard. Their work in Fairbanks led to them becoming acquainted with trappers in the National Refuge.

Image of Ashley Shelden as a log peelers
Caption: Ashley Sheldon as a log peelers

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