Rain Brown Age. Is she Pregnant? Latest Facts and Wiki.

The youngest child is always the wild card of a family, but what if you’re the youngest child of a wild card family? It is a question whose answer will be with someone like Rain Brown.

She may be the youngest child, but she grows to be perhaps even more intelligent and wiser than her older brothers and sisters. Are Alaskan Bush People Rain pregnant? Is she even dating anyone? Else, why are there rumours going around about her engagement and marriage?

Now, these are the questions we have answers to below. Also, find out Rain Brown’s net worth along with her age and the rest of her bio here.

Rain Brown is not Pregnant.

Rain Brown is certainly not pregnant. She is only 20 years old, for crying out loud. Of course, the age limit for marriage does not stop teen pregnancy in the USA, but Rain Brown is certainly not pregnant.

Maybe people aren’t even interested in Rain Brown’s pregnancy, but our trending keywords algorithm is the fault. After all, there is a lot of good news going on for the Brown family.

Photo of Rain Brown and her nephew.
Rain Brown becoming an aunt to nephews may have led to pregnancy rumors.

With two Brown children, Gabe Brown and Bear Brown, giving birth to their firstborns recently, “pregnant” has become a popular keyword to the Alaskan Bush People. A slight misunderstanding may have led to the confusion, but as long as we clear it up, it’s all good.

Alaskan Bush People Rain Brown is Probably Single as of 2023.

The pregnancy rumours sound even more preposterous when we remember that Rain Brown is single or, at least till now, has maintained no public dating life or boyfriend.

She did raise many eyebrows, though, when we caught a glimpse of a ring on her finger, strongly resembling an engagement or a wedding ring in a photo she was sharing of herself petting her new dog, Jackson.

However, it did not take long for Rain Brown to clear up the confusion. She first replied to a couple of comments asking her the question if it was an engagement ring and then went ahead and also put a tag, “#notaweddingring,” on the caption to make it clear.

Screenshot of Rain Brown clearing engagement ring rumor.
Rain Brown clears up that it is not an engagement ring.

Rain Brown Handles Gay Rumors.

Rumours seem to be the driving force of Rain Brown’s celebrity life. People also began saying that Alaskan Bush People Rain Brown was gay or of some other sexuality after significant changes in her life.

She cut her hair short and then dye it in bright pink. Furthermore, this shy child grew up to be quite open and vocal, which are all stereotypes of gay, lesbian, bi, or pansexual.

Photo of Rain Brown in short hair and mask.
Rain Brown’s short hair and other things lead to gay rumors.

Moreover, Rain Brown also has a misleading name for her fans: “Rainbows,” and we all know how a rainbow is symbolic of the LGBTQ community. However, as you would assume for a theory based on assumptions, the rumours were not true.

All the characteristics were very stereotypical to consider in the first place, and she calls her fans “Rainbow” because it originates from her name and nothing more.

“I’m straight and I call my fans rainbows because my name is Rain, but you do you, boo,” were her exact words to the question; “Are you gay?”

Another similar comment wrongly sure of itself read, “I wonder if @heroofkirrkwell has accepted her sexuality yet?” to which Rain would reply with grace as well as sass writing, “I’m straight… so yeah, I have.”

Rain Brown Net Worth Estimate

Rain Brown and the rest of the family may like to live formerly in the Alaskan wilderness and now in the middle of the dense Washington Forest, but it should not be a factor to consider when estimate their wealth.

As reality stars of their hit show ‘Alaskan Bush People,’ the family undoubtedly makes great significant earnings, but we only know the surface of their net worth and salary info.

Rain is reported to have a net worth of $200,000.

Brown Family’s Fortune

So far, all we know is that the entire family’s collective net worth stands at approximately $60 million, and each family member makes anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 in salary.

The family patriarch, Billy Brown, is reportedly getting over $500,000 salary per episode. At the beginning of the series, Rain Brown probably did not earn much, if she did even earn, but now she is growing up to be a beautiful young lady.

Rain Brown has a considerable fanbase, especially among people of her age group. Her salary should equal and maybe even exceed the salary and net worth of many of her siblings and parents.

Many sources we found say Rain Brown’s net worth is around $200,000, which seems about right. However, there is no way of verifying it yet.

Meet Alaskan Bush People Rain Brown’s Family.

Rain Brown’s family does not need much introduction, as most are more famous than her. Her father, Billy Brown, and her mother, Ami Brown, are the founders of the family.

After travelling all around the USA, they came to Alaska and finally settled there. They have five children: Matt Brown, Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown, Bear Brown, Gabe Brown, Noah Brown, Snowbird “Birdy” Brown, and finally Rain Brown.

Photo of Rain Brown's family.
Rain Brown with her family.

Recently, their family has grown; three of her brothers married and had children of their own. Bear Brown married his now-estranged wife, Raiven Adams, giving birth to a son, River Brown.

Likewise, Gabe married Raquell Rose and gave birth to Sophie Brown’s daughter. Furthermore, the first of Rain Brown’s nieces was Elijah Brown, born to Noah Brown and wife, Rhain Alicia Brown, in February 2019.

How Old is Rain Brown?

Rain was born on November 23, 2002, in Alaska. Thus, Rain Brown turns 21 years old this year.

Instagram and Other Social Media Profiles.

Like her family, Rain Brown grew up in the wilderness and mostly away from the rest of the world. So, it is a little surprising to see that she is quite a social butterfly.

The Brown family, over the years, has become more and more modern in their choice of lifestyle. Therefore, like most kids her age, Rain Brown is fond of using social media profiles to become an expert.

Her celebrity status significantly boosted her social media presence, but her cheery personality online is responsible for the rest of her social media fame.

Rain Brown’s Instagram profile has almost 347k followers, which is considerably more significant than the rest of her family members available on IG. Even the Alaskan Bush People‘s official IG has only around 187k followers, which shows how Rain has become a popular online personality.

It comes as no surprise since she is a role model on Instagram. People who follow her not only get inside scoops on her family and the show but also go through an emotional journey of Rain Brown’s struggle with depression and her mother, Ami’s cancer. She also has a good deal of over 12.4k followers on her Twitter account.

Wiki Facts

  1. She also goes by Rainy Brown, but her full name is Merry Christmas, Kathryn Raindrop Brown. One of her other nicknames in Bush Baby. Yeah, Billy and Ami knew how to name their children.
  2. One of Rain Brown’s celebrity crushes is the ‘Once Upon a Time‘ actor Colin O’Donoghue.
  3. Through her positive posts, Rain Brown became famous online for talking openly about depression, mental health, and being a wholesome person.
  4. In her most recent appearance, Rain Brown shows a change in overall style and appearance. She seems to have gotten rid of her pink highlight and is now growing her hair longer.

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