Where is Matt Brown? His Net Worth, Wife and Wiki, Latest Facts.

It doesn’t get any more real than reality shows, especially when we learn about reality stars’ life events outside of reality TV screens. It doesn’t get any more real than Matt Brown from the ‘Alaskan Bush People‘ who have many ups and downs in his life.

Where is Alaskan Bush People Matt Brown? Where was he all this time, and is he returning? We will be answering all of your questions below.

So make sure you stick with us until the end, as we will also be going over Matt Brown’s net worth, salary, marriage, and dating life. Please read all about it in his wiki and bio.

What happened to Alaskan Bush People Matt Brown?

The story about the rise and the fall of Matt Brown could be the script of an indie movie with all the relatable ups and downs. Life was all good for Matt Brown before the year 2016.

His family show the ‘Alaskan Bush People‘ was at the peak of its popularity, and as the eldest son of the Brown family, Matt was arguably the most famous cast member of the show.


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Its a good day to enjoy the little things, hope everyone has a nice weekend ????

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It was around the time Matt was living in Juneau, Alaska. Like every man who gets drunk in fame, Matt loses control over himself and becomes intoxicated by alcohol.

The people he was hanging out with also were not a good influence. Before he knew it, Brown was already an alcohol and drug addict. He did recognize his problems quickly and began rehab.

However, that will not be the end of it; he was in and out of rehab several times over the years. Things only began to turn for the better since he went to rehab around September 2018.

It was testing times for Matt Brown, and it began to strain his relationship with his family, particularly his father, Billy Brown.

He is now in Los Angeles.

According to insider sources, the father-son had many heated battles. Matt went away to Los Angeles, South California, where he began to seek treatment at the ‘Betty Ford Clinic‘ in 2019.

Through a long course of in and out-patient treatment, Mat became 6-months sober. He maintained his sobriety streak until March that year, even showing off his sobriety chip.


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Afternoon everyone! Hope your day rocks! Never give up never surrender 🙂

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Is Matt Brown Returning? New Updates.

Since then, Matt Brown seems to be doing well, which we can tell from his social media posts. Matt Brown was missing a lot from the series’ 8th season and was completely absent in the 9th and 10th seasons.

There have been continuous ongoing rumours since late 2018 that Matt Brown would be returning to the series. After all, he has become clean, and that too for a while, all his family wished for him.

Caption: Matt Brown returns, and why he was missing from the series

However, season 14 has come out, season 15 is underway, and we are yet to see Matt Brown’s grand return. Matt Brown has also since mended things with his family, as you can tell from how he has been doing appreciation posts about his parents and siblings or wishing them happy birthday.

Matt Brown did everything right, but something is stopping his return, and this time around, we can’t blame his father, Billy Brown.

Matt Brown’s Rape Allegations may Further Postponed his Return.

It may be a while since Matt Brown is back now that 2018 allegations of rape by two former employees of the ‘Alaskan Bush People‘ against Matt Brown have come to public knowledge.

According to them, while still suffering from alcohol and drug abuse, Matt Brown attempted to rape two women of the filming crew within just days of each other.

Photo of Matt Brown's former manager, Shelly Dawn.
Matt Brown’s former manager, Shelly Dawn, accuses him of rape.

One of the women and the first alleged victim is 37-year-old Jessica Jurges, and the other is 56-year-old Shelly Dawn, who was Matt’s former manager.

Matt Brown reportedly attempted to rape Jurges in a swimming pool. It was Dawn’s intervention that she got away.

However, days later, he would attempt to rape Dawn, taking advantage of knowing that she recently had a hip injury and wasn’t very strong in her legs.

Photo of Matt Brown and Jessica Jurges.
Matt Brown, with Jessica Jurges, one of his alleged victims

These allegations will undoubtedly take some time to handle, and if they are authentic, then Matt Brown will be a criminal. There is no way he may ever make it back to the show.

Alaskan Bush People Matt Brown is Not Married To Wife Yet.

Matt Brown is not a married man, so we cannot talk about his marriage or wife. We even have very little info about his dating and love life, but that is what you should expect from Matt Brown, who has been quite secretive about his personal life due to his recent struggles and controversies.

We only know of his one romantic conquest in the past. It is his dating life with his former girlfriend, Heather Bagayas. The duo dated as far back as 2006 but split up before many fans could even know of their relationship.

They somehow remained in contact and managed to reconnect again in 2014. They began dating again, but that also met its short end. Matt Brown has virtually since been single.

Photo of Matt Brown ex-girlfriend, Heather Bagayas.
Matt Brown dated Heather Bagayas in 2006.

There are rumours that he, too, is dating a “mystery girlfriend” at present. However, his girlfriend’s name and identity have not come out, and neither have any details about their relationship.

Nonetheless, inconspicuous insiders who revealed facts about Matt Brown’s life while he was in SoCal did say that he was dating an incredibly supportive girlfriend. She was very crucial in his struggle against addiction.

Matt Brown’s Net Worth.

Matt Brown comes from a family worth $60 million and maybe even much more as of 2023. Expectantly we would also expect a similar net worth and salary for Matt Brown.

Before we evaluate his net worth and salary, though, we will also have to bring in the fact that Matt Brown did miss out on many years and seasons of the ‘Alaskan Bush People.’

Besides, his absence still does not mean that Matt Brown is not part of the delusionally wealthy Brown family. We know that Billy Brown earns $500,000 with a net worth of $6 million.

A few years back, we learned that even his other family members also earn anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000.

According to many websites, Matt Brown’s net worth is around $1 million, but verification is still necessary for that estimation. If Matt Brown is worth a million dollars, his salary from the show has to be around $40,000 to $60,000.

Matt Brown’s Family.

Matt Brown’s family, unlike Matt Brown, has had a constant TV presence through their show. Well enough, you already know his parents, Billy Brown and Ami Brown.

They are the family founders, at least their roots in Alaska. Both Billy and Ami have let their children take over the wheel in recent years, especially after declining health with old age.

Had Matt Brown been here, maybe he would be leading his siblings, but instead, his younger siblings are doing it themselves. The second-oldest, Joshua ‘Bam Bam’ Brown, is a perfect substitute.

Furthermore, after their short engagement, bitter court battle, and eventual reconciliation, Bear Brown is busy dealing with his drama with ex-fiancé and baby mama Raiven Adams.

Photo of Matt Brown and his family.
Matt Brown’s family.

Likewise, Gabe and Noah Brown start their own family after welcoming their firstborns with their wives.

His sisters, Snowbird and Rain Brown, also come out of their parents’ and brothers’ shadows by getting more independent.

They are now able to hunt, fish, and build themselves. Moreover, Rain Brown is also growing into an online personality with her social media outreach.

Alaskan Bush People Matt Brown Wiki-Facts.

  1. On September 7, 1983, Matt Brow was born in Texas, USA, as Matthew Joshua Brown. He is the oldest child of Billy and Ami Brown among seven children.
  2. Brown is a History and Linguistics buff with keen interests in Egyptian Petroglyphs and Sanskrit.
  3. The 40-year-old is also very creative and inventive when it comes to problem-solving and takes absolute pride in that talent. We saw him teach his younger siblings many ingenuine techniques to survive in the wild in earlier seasons.
  4. Matt Brown has been rumoured to return to the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ for a couple of years and seasons, but it hasn’t yet passed. Still, Matt Brown’s social media says he has been visiting his family in their new Washington home. Furthermore, Matt also holds credits for a few 2018 episodes, suggesting that he is already working behind the scenes.
  5. He is rumoured to be dating a new mystery girlfriend in his current residence in California.

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