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Monica Beats is a 26 years old Canadian gold miner and reality-TV actor. She is famously known for her cast on ‘Gold Rush, a reality show that airs on Discovery Channel. This show follows different family-owned gold mining companies in Klondike, Dawson City, in Canada, as these families struggle to mine gold, the precious stone from the placers. In this article, we are going to focus singularly on Monica and get to know amazing facts about her, including her net worth.

Who is Monica Beets?

Fathered by a renowned miner, Monica did not struggle to find a career for herself, but simply followed her father to the mine. At the age of twelve, she jumped into one of her father’s equipment, and he told her to figure it out by herself.

By fifteen years, she began to work as a full-time miner. In 2011, when she was eighteen years old, she became a supervisor at Paradise Hill claim that his father heads him. By the time she was twenty, Monica was in a position to demonstrate to mature men how it goes down at the mines.

Since the premiere of the ‘God Rush series in December 2010, Monica Beets has appeared in a total of 145 episodes, having been on ‘Gold Rush: Alaska’ for 133 episodes and ‘Gold Rush: The Dirt’ for 12 episodes. She is still on the show that is currently in its 11th season.

Daughter of famous Tony Beet.

Monica is the daughter to the legendary miner Tony Beet. Tony was a Dutch native having moved to Canada almost 30 years ago. He worked in Construction Company for three years before starting to mine Dawson City in 1984. Tony and Minnie met when they seven and six years old when they became neighbors.

They started dating in 1978. After dating for 18 months, Tony decided to move to Canada, and the only way to take Minnie with him was to marry her. And they are still together more than twenty-five years later. Minnie is the accountant of the family company. She is also the spokesperson and model for the Gorilla cookies. The couple has a winter home in Maricopa, Arizona.

Image of Monica Beets with her father Tony and mother Minnie Beets
Caption: Monica Beets with her father Tony and mother Minnie Beets

Tony and Minnie have four children, two daughters, and two sons. The daughter’s names are Bianca and Monica, and the sons are Kevin and Mike. Other than Bianca, whom less is known about, the other three children are much involved in the family business.

Kevin is a graduate of the University of Brunswick, 2016. He is the mechanic for the Beets family. He first appeared on the fifth season of the show disassembling Bacon strip machine at the clear creek and reassembling it at the Eureka Creek Claim. Mike is recreational. He has also worked as a supervisor.

Monica Beets is married to husband Tyler Mayes.

Monica is married to someone who has never appeared and will never appear on the show. Before meeting this person, Monica Beets had a past relationship with Brandon Harper, a fellow minor, but it ended for reasons known to themselves. It is rumored that Parker had a crush on her when he first came to see his father. But this was just a crush that did not have them to have a relationship.

Image of Monica Beets with her husband Tyler Mayes
Caption: Monica Beets with her husband Tyler Mayes

On 11th August 2018, Monica Beets wedded her husband, Tayler Mayes, in a beautiful traditional wedding held in Dawson City, Canada. The details of their dating, courtship, and honeymoon are not available on the internet. However, there is a video of their wedding on YouTube.

Monica Beets Husband Taylor Mayes’s Life is Strictly Private.

There are no details for Monica’s husband on the internet; neither does he have a wiki. However, according to his Facebook bio, he is a Canadian who is from and lives in Dawson City. He has also never appeared on the show, proof that he loves to live a private life.

We are looking forward to making you know more than his name. Be sure to get the updates right here as soon as they surface.

Monica Beets Net worth.

As of the year 2020, Monica Beets’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. This is an accumulation of Monica’s earning throughout her long stretch cast on the show. How much she makes per episode or per season is unknown, but it’s a good salary. Being a married woman, she also has properties of her own, like the house they live in.

Image of TV star, Monica Beets net worth
Caption: TV star, Monica Beets net worth

Age and DOB.

Monica Beets is currently 26 years old. She was born on 7th November 1993 and is looking forward to her 27th birthday in early November this year. She is a resident of Dawson City and Canadian by birth. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Hobbies and Pets.

Monica loves listening to punk music. She even has a favorite artist, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, whom she named his dog after. She also enjoys doing physical exercise and working in her flower garden according to her Instagram posts.

Social media presence.

Monica enjoys a massive following on Facebook. Her verified account has over 150 thousand followers. She also has an active Instagram account with 79K followers. If you want to know little secrets about her, you better check them out.


Unlike his elder brother Kevin, who is a university graduate, Monica Beets’ details about her education are unknown. Born, raised, and is currently working in the same city, we believe that she must have studied in the same town of Dawson. Being so close to the father as the only daughter, since her other sister passed on at an early age of two months, and starting to work at a tender age, it is not clear if she attended college, maybe she did.

Wiki and other facts.

Full name Monica Beets
Age 26 years old.
Date of Birth 7th November 1993
Place of Birth Dawson City, Canada
Profession Miner, TV actor
Net worth $ 5 Million
Husband Taylor Mayes
Kids N/A
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Parents Tony and Minnie Beets

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