Snowbird Brown Net Worth, Teeth fixed? Age and Latest Facts.

A lot of things have come to change in ‘Alaskan Bush People since the show’s inception all those years back, and so have the Brown family. Rain Brown is entirely unrecognizable from the little girl we know, but they luckily seem to be one constant character that is Snowbird Brown.

Even after all the success and fame over the years, she is still the same. Even when she has the net worth and earnings to fix them a hundred times over, Brown even has the same teeth. Find out why, along with her exact net worth and salary. Also, check out her married life. Is she pregnant, or is she dating anyone?


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Why doesn’t Snowbird Brown Fix Her Teeth?

We were curious why Snowbird would not fix her teeth a while back then. We will learn about Snowbird Brown’s net worth right after this, so you can understand that financials are not the issue here.

Even if you don’t know the exact sum, you can tell that Snowbird Brown and her family are rich enough to afford to get braces.

Yes, that’s right, Snowbird from Alaskan Bush People hasn’t yet done anything to her teeth despite a lot of internet criticism. How do we know? Well, it’s not rocket science.

If you visit her social media profiles or her sister Rain Brown’s profile, you can see Birdie hardly smiles in any of her photos, and in some pictures where she has smiled, you can see her deformed teeth.

It turns out that her father and the family patriarch, Billy Brown, prohibit Snowbird Brown from getting her teeth fixed. Fans of the show know well about how irrational Billy Brown can bring about his way of life.

Despite the Brown family continuously progressing to more and more use of new technologies and infrastructures, Billy Brown did not want Snowbird Brown or any one of his family members to go to the dentist.

Photo of Snowbird Brown's crooked teeth .
Snowbird Brown’s teeth are a bit crooked.

Brother Matt Brown Also Fixed his Teeth.

Even the family’s eldest child, Matt Brown, recently thought he would ignore his father’s restrictions to visit the dentist. He, too, has uneven teeth, which he got resized and fixed in 2019. However, had he done it in his earlier years, it would have saved him a lifetime of unhealthy self-consciousness.


Snowbird Brown has even more apparent crooked teeth, which certainly must also cause her some self-consciousness. Then again, who are we to think for Snowbird?

So far, we have yet to hear even a mutter of her self-conscious problems with her teeth. We know how Snowbird Brown is strong-headed and does not scared away picking a fight with any of her brothers or Billy Brown.

Therefore, Snowbird Brown feels excellent the way her teeth are and does not want to get them fixed.

Snowbird Brown’s Net Worth

Being the oldest daughter of the Brown family, Snowbird Brown does hold certain notoriety over the rest of the family. She has stood firm throughout the entirety of the series while her parents have gone off from the show due to health problems and the rest of her siblings have gone off due to their personal lives and hardships,

It does account for something, which may very well be her impressive net worth, which stands at over $100,000 as of 2023. It is surprising but eventually understandable, for she belongs to the Brown family, which has a total net worth of around $60 million.

All family members earn anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 salary, while Billy Brown earns an astounding $500,000 salary.

With sums like that, we can attribute Snowbird Brown’s net worth to $100k. We are still awaiting her recent stats; otherwise, she may be making even more net worth and salary now that she is a grown-up.

Snowbird Brown’s Family

Most of you already know a lot about Snowbird Brown’s family, and we can’t help those who don’t know much. You will have to see the hit Discovery show or read our articles on the rest of ‘The Alaskan Bush People‘ cast members. However, here is a summary in brief.

Photo of Snowbird and her family.
Snowbird Brown with her parents and siblings.

It initially came out starring Snowbird’s parents, Billy and Ami Brown, who lived off-grid in the Alaskan wilderness with their seven children with little to no outside contact.

Their eldest son, Matt Brown, left the show in 2017 due to his struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. The second-oldest is Joshua or Bam Bam Brown, who is also very consistent in the front.

The third-oldest Bear Brown is in the spotlight recently after a series of personal life events from his short engagement with Raiven Adams, who later became pregnant and gave birth to a son, River, after their split.

The youngest sons, Gabe and Noah, are peacefully married and have one child of their own. Snowbird is the 5th youngest and the oldest daughter and only has one younger sibling: sister Rain Brown.

Photo of Snowbird Brown and her sister, Rain Brown.
Snowbird Brown with her sister, Rain Brown.

How old is Snowbird Brown from “Alaskan Bush People”?

Snowbird Brown was born on 18th November 1994 in Alaska, USA, making her exactly 28 years old. Snowbird Brown was born to her father, Billy Brown and her mother, Ami Brown. She is the second oldest of six siblings. She grew up off-grid, which is the lifestyle of the rest of her family as well.

Snowbird Brown is not Pregnant as of 2023.

No, Alaskan Bush People Snowbird Brown is not pregnant. We also had to conclude the same obvious conclusion, maybe even more apparent, regarding her younger sister, Rain Brown.

We don’t know why so many people would be curious about something that does not exist, but then again, thousands of people believe in a flat earth.

The cause behind this is probably the same cause behind similar rumours about her sister Rain Brown’s pregnancy. For most of ‘The Alaskan Bush People,’ we would always think the Brown children would never find love in their off-grid lifestyle.

However, as of late and in quick succession, their five oldest sons, Matt, Joshua, Brown, Gabe, and Noah, are all in a relationship, with two married and three becoming fathers.

It may just be a faulty algorithm that attributes all the buzz over the three pregnancies to Snowbird Brown. Nevertheless, Snowbird isn’t pregnant. We are not sure even if she is dating anyone.

Well, at least over all the years, we’ve become her fans; not once have we got to see her with a boyfriend. Still, that does not stop all you guys from discovering her dating life and boyfriend. We hope that you have better luck than us at uncovering something.

Instagram and Social Media Profiles

While all of her siblings, like Matt, Bam Bam, Bear, Gabe, Noah, and Rain Brown, have submitted to modern technology and become social media savvy, Snowbird Brown is the only one who chooses not to join the social media world.

If you don’t believe us, the proof is only a Google search away. You may find a couple of fan accounts, but that’s just it.

Photo of Alaskan Bush People cast, Snowbird Brown.
Snowbird Brown does not have any social media account.

She is the only Brown Sibling who does not have any Social media accounts, even the main ones like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, even her fan-made funds sport thousands of followers, showing her online presence.

We will be hoping that she makes an account soon to get personal updates about her. Maybe her IG’s famous sister, Rain, will encourage her to open at least an Instagram account.

Snowbird Brown’s Wiki-Facts.

  1. Snowbird Brown’s full name is Amora Jean Snowbird Brown.
  2. She loves animals and has many pets, from dogs and cats to even frogs, slider turtles, and squirrels.
  3. Brown’s love for animals is so great that she sometimes even treats her family’s farm animals and cattle like her own pets. She has butted heads a couple of times with brother Gabe and father Billy against killing the animals even when necessary for their survival.
  4. Snowbird Brown and his brother Noah Brown’s wife, Rhain Alicia, reportedly fought their wedding.
  5. Despite being raised in the dangerous Alaskan wilderness among her five brothers, Snowbird Brown was always independent. She always loves being outdoors, whether for hunting and fishing or simply writing and drawing in nature.

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