Bob Harte Daughter Talicia Harte Accident, Health Update.

Talicia Harte is Last Alaskans star late Bob Harte’s daughter. Bob Harte was a trapper, hunter, and television personality fondly remembered for his time on the Last Alaskans. He had his cabin up at the arctic national reserve right up until he tragically lost his life to cancer. Bob was 66 at the time of his passing.

Despite growing up in New Jersey, Harte did not find himself until he eventually made the move to Alaska. He was married to a woman named Nancy, and together, they had a daughter named Talicia. Explore her biography in this review, as we examine elements like her biography.

Who is Talicia Harte?

Talicia Harte is a reality TV personality who appears on Discovery Channel’s Last Alaskans. Her father, Bob, was front and center during the show’s earlier seasons.

The series focused on Bob and a few other people who called Alaska’s untouched wilderness their home. On the show’s debut episode, Talicia’s family had to deal with a grizzly bear attack. The wild animal had left Bob’s cabin in complete disarray.

Talicia and her mother, Nancy, were prominently featured in the show’s fourth season after her father’s passing.

Fans watched as they visited Bob’s rusty old cabin to fulfill his final request; he wanted his ashes scattered around the place he had called home for over four decades.

Image of Reality TV personality, Talicia Harte
Caption: Reality TV personality, Talicia Harte

The show’s executive producers promised fans that Harte’s legacy would live on. They were going to focus on his daughter, Talicia, moving forward.

Other than her work with the Discovery Channel, Nancy also partnered with Thomas Tapp. He directed the web series titled ‘Last Alaskan Bob.’ It was based on a few videos which Bob recorded before he passed away.

How old is Talicia?

Talicia Harte was born back in 1984. She is set to turn 36 years old this year. Harte has not disclosed her exact date of birth yet. Her social media inactivity additionally makes it next to impossible to determine.

Talicia Harte’s Net worth and Income Source.

Bob Harte’s daughter’s work on the Discovery Channel has helped her live a comfortable life. Talicia’s net worth reportedly sits at $50,000. Some of this money might have also come from the disability benefits which she received after her accident.

Her father, Bob Harte, on the other hand, was estimated to be worth $600,000 at the time of his death. As his only daughter, Talicia is one of the beneficiaries of the wealth which Bob left behind.

Her life-threatening accident.

Bob Harte’s Daughter Talicia Harte was involved in a horrible accident back in February 2006. Her car was rammed by a driver who had been on his phone instead of concentrating.

The accident left Talicia completely paralyzed. Bob talked about the accident a few times. He was understandably furious about the driver’s recklessness, as it has almost cost his daughter her life.

Bob went on to add that she was a survivor, just like he had been. The last Alaskan had no doubt that she would pull through.

Before the tragic accident, Talicia had been an active 22-year old who was an avid fan of the outdoors. She grew up trapping and hunting with her father.

Bob Harte’s Daughter Talicia Harte’s Health Update.

Back in May 2006, the Fairbanks Daily, a local paper, ran a story that confirmed that Talicia was on the road to recovery.

Though she is restricted to a wheelchair, she has managed to adapt, much like her father predicted she would. Today, Talicia Harte continues to live a normal life, raising her daughter.

Image of Talicia Harte is fit and fine
Caption: Talicia Harte is fit and fine

Is she married to anyone?

Presently, there is no evidence that confirms whether Talicia is married or even dating anyone. The fact that she has a three-year daughter named Carmella suggests that she was in a relationship at one point. We’ll keep you up to date with any new information that pops up.

Image of Talicia Harte with his fahter Bob and daughter Carmella
Caption: Talicia Harte with his fahter Bob and daughter Carmella

Talicia Harte wiki-bio

Full name Talicia Harte.
Age 36 years old
Date of Birth 1984
Place of Birth Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
Profession Television Personality
Net worth $50,000
Partner Under review.
Kids 1
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents Bob and Nancy Harte

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