Andy Bassich Net Worth, Injury, Accident, Wiki-Bio

Know Life Below Zero Andy Bassich Net Worth. Andy Bassich is an American TV star from Washington Dc. He appeared in the National Geographic docu-show “Life below zero.” Fans got to see Andy living with 25 sled dogs across the Yukon River.

Despite living in the wild, Andy has an extensive educational background. He graduated from John F Kennedy High school in 1976 before moving on to carpentry.

Take a look at Andy Bassich’s exciting journey right here. The reality star always loved traveling and wanted to tour the world. It saw him eventually attain his Coast Guard Marine License, after which he served as captain for about 20 years.

Andy Bassich Back Injury: What Happened?

In one of his shows in the documentary, the reality star Andy Bassich got into an accident trying to move a snow machine and broke his hip. Andy Bassich had to move to Florida for six months to get his needed treatment.

His injuries were pretty severe. He even had a muscle and bone infection, which doctors at the time deemed life-threatening. Without their intervention, it could have ended his life.

Andy Bassich accident
Andy Bassich had an accident.

Andy Bassich proves to be a powerful man with good survival instincts. He stayed with his girlfriend, Denise, who aided in his recovery during that time.

Andy Bassich’s Net Worth.

Besides starring in “Life Below Zero,” he works as a musher. He charges $2500 per person for each ride and $2000 for couples.

In addition to his various side businesses, Andy receives about $100,000 annually from the producers of “Life Below Zero.” It puts Andy Bassich’s net worth at $350,000 as of 2023.

How old is Andy Bassich?

The reality star is currently 65 years of age. He was born on January 25th, 1958, in Washington, DC but was raised in Wheaton, Maryland. There is no information about the reality star’s parents.

His Relationship history.

In 2003, Andy Bassich met his ex-wife Kate Rouke. She was gallivanting across Dawson City when they had their chance encounter. The two became close and started dating. Kate fell for Andy’s charms and marveled at how amazing of a person he was. They finally got married.

Andy Bassich with his ex-wife, Kate Bassich.
Andy Bassich with his ex-wife, Kate Bassich.

The couple worked and lived together in Alaska. They both appeared in the documentary. The couple started a mushing school business. Sadly their marriage did not work out, and they divorced back in 2016. It came after allegations of domestic and emotional abuse.

Currently, Andy is dating his new girlfriend, Denise Becker, whom he met while on a trip with a kids scout group. The duo has been dating for five years now. Kate even moved to Alaska with Andy.

Andy and his ex-wife, Kate, had no children in the period in which they were married. He could not go to college due to a lack of funds back in his childhood. We can tell that the 64-year-old reality star is really bold and very hardworking. He is doing all it takes to put food on his table.

Is Andy Bassich still on “Life Below Zero”?

Yes, Andy Bassich went back to Alaska after recovering from his accident. It took him six months to heal properly. Even though he was still in crouches, he managed to continue with his life with the help of his girlfriend, Denise.

He works alongside other casts in the documentary: Agnes Hailstone, Sue Aikens, Glenn Villeneuve, and Chip Hailstone.

Andy Bassich Age and Wiki- Bio.

Full name Andy Bassich
Age 65 years old
Date of Birth January 25th, 1958
Place of Birth Washington DC, United States
Profession Musher, the reality star
Net worth $350,000
Spouse Kate Bassich(ex)
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Parents N/A

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