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“Life Below Zero” is a reality TV show that depicts the everyday and seasonal activities of the subsistence hunters living in remote areas of Alaska. The show was produced by BBC Worldwide and is aired on the National Geographic Channel. Read on to know about Life Below Zero Cast Death.

The show attracted much fun fare with no time and, as a result, won four Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards for Excellent Cinematography and a Reality Program for Photo Editing. Alaska has temperatures that can kill wild animals at any moment.

The cast has bare necessities to survive in this wild. Hunters take viewers on an exciting journey through the series, which is extremely difficult and dangerous while hunting wild animals for survival.

The show features the hunters out in the middle of nowhere, struggling to survive batting snow storms, frozen terrains, and dangerous wild animals.

Life Below Zero Salary.

There are many fans wanting to know how much Life Below Zero cast get paid as salary. But what you will find in the internet is nothing but speculation. Many different sites without any proper research or proof estimate Life Below Zero Cast salary.

But, to tell you the truth, it’s yet not revealed by any of the stars or the producer of the show about the payment they receive. So, do not believe what you see in the internet. To know Life Below Zero Cast Net Worth we have tried messaging every cast on social media but we didn’t get any replies. So, Sorry guys you still have to wait for that.

Life Below Zero Cast 2021.

Glenn Villeneuve.

He is featured as a hunter and gatherer. Glenn’s camp is on a Brooks Range lake, 200 kilometers north of Fairbanks.

During the winters, he uses snowshoes to get pats that cover the ground with heavy snow, and during the summer, he uses paddled canoe when searching for a hunt.

He hunts moose, goats, caribou, and small game. Glenn Villeneuve also goes for fishing in the lake and streams and collects fodder for wild plants.

He enjoyed eating caribou meat and boiled moose tongue, his favorite among the various species. It’s reported that the net worth of Glenn Villeneuve is $1/2 million.

Sue Aikens.

One of the main Life Below Zero Cast is Sue Aikens. She was born in Mount Prospect, Illinois, the United States on Jul 1, 1963. The 56-year old reality star has had three different husbands.

Sue lives about 500 miles from the nearest settlement, and about 80 miles from the airport. She lived most of her time in Alaska. Sue Aikens owns and runs Kavik River Camp and likes to share her camp experience during the hunting season as well.

She earns good fortune out of the show. It is estimated net worth of Sue Aikens reaches $500,000. She’s currently earning $4,500 per show.

Chip Hailstone.

Chip Hailstone, is among the show’s casts and is estimated at around $125, 000 earning a salary of around $45,000 per year from the show.

Many questions in the minds of viewers during his recent time away from the show included why he was jailed.

In 2011, he reported that his daughter named Tinmaiq, who was then 17 years old, had been violently assaulted by a state trooper in Alaska. It led him to jail for a 15-month jail term for making false statements to police and perjury.

Life Below Zero Cast Agnes Hailstone.

She was born in Noorvik, Alaska, on Jun 14, 1972. She is Chip Hailstone’s wife and a cast of the show Life Below Zero. Agnes was married twice. She shares two sons from her previous marriage, Douglas Carter and five daughters, with her current husband, Chip.

There is not much released information about Life Below Zero Cast Agnes as she is a very discreet person. She is of Caucasian ethnicity. She’s still a tattoo lover beyond all this and had one painted on her chin. She is the descendant of Inupiaq tribes believed to have existed for 1,000 years.

Also, she seems to be an expert in handcrafting and cultural activities. Besides that, she can procure oils from animal body fats as well as tanning animals.

Agnes Hailstone grew up in Alaska and learned to hunt and fish, etc. The net worth of Agnes Hailstone is $100,000; she earns $4,500 from the show as salary per season.

Andy Bassich.

This is another character that is significantly popular in the series. He has a net worth valued at around $250,000. Andy’s pay is undisclosed per season, but he earns around $100,000 annually.

He runs a school where he receives a $2500 a week fee for singles and around $2000 a week for couples. Also, he attracted the attention of other great shows such as “chip and Agnes Hailstone and among others.

During his time as a riverboat, Andy Bassich met with Kate Rorke. They had met before in 2003 at Dawson city, where Kate was a tourist. The two got married later and gave their fans an excellent show.

However, behind the show, the couple had misunderstandings and was at loggerheads. They tried to work out things, but eventually, in 2005, the couple made it official to the public that they have separated ending the rumors.

Martha Mae Salitan.

She was born in Alaska and raised in Ilamnia. She is married to Eric Salitan, who helped her as well as encouraged her to go hunting and fishing. The couple lives in Wiseman, Alaska, 67 miles from the Arctic Pole.

She also runs Funeral Home for the Blanchard Family and Birch Hill Cemetery. Martha and Eric have their son, Lucas Salitan.

Not much about Martha is known because she keeps her personal life to herself. She doesn’t like posting on social media sites, either. Erik and wife Martha Mae Salitan live a low-key life in the Alaska wilderness with her friends. Her Net Worth is $400,000.

"Life Below Zero" cast, Martha Mae Salitan.
“Life Below Zero” cast, Martha Mae Salitan.

Life Below Zero Cast Ricko DeWilde.

He is an additional cast in recent episodes of “Life Below Zero.” Ricko is an Indian-American and is famous because he’s a great hunter. His childhood can be traced back to a small Alaskan village, and he’s all grown up traditionally.

Ricko DeWilde was all home school taught by his father, along with his siblings, how to hunt. He had been very keen on fishing, trapping, planting, and gathering since childhood.

He used to live with his family in a secluded area. His father always taught him survival skills in the most difficult of circumstances. He’s married and has five kids. The overall net worth of Ricko DeWilde is estimated to be approximately $150,000.

James Franzo.

James is the person behind the smooth narrative speech of the show while leading us into Alaska’s deeper sight in Life Below Zero. He was born on Feb 11, 1970.

Few people are informed that in 2017, he received a heart transplant. He has appeared in the show since its premiere in 2013.

But he’s not that popular because his job is an invisible voice everything. Perhaps fans have never been involved in his life because his work begins and ends behind the curtain. James has also appeared in several films as well as becoming a reality TV star.

There is no much information about his family except that he has two brothers, Rocco and David Franzo. James now lives in Levittown, New York, and by party, affiliation is also a republican.

The precise net worth of James Franzo isn’t known, but it’s between $100,000 -$249,000.

Kate Rorke-Bassich. 

She was married to Andy Bassich after they met in the town of Dawson, where she toured as a tourist, and Andy worked as a riverboat captain. They are featured in the BBC film, “Life Below Zero,” together when a flood from the Yukon River reached them.

At the time, they were saved by one of the choppers, as well as their 21 sled dogs. Also, Kate has opened a dog mushing school called ‘Ventures.’ Now she resides in Canada with her family and friends. She divorced Andy in 2016.

Kate Bassich has claimed in one of her interviews that her ex-husband Andy used to harass her verbally and emotionally. The couple has a daughter still in hiding from the camera’s limelight. Kate spent 12 years traveling and living in Alaska while doing her studies.

The net worth of Kate Bassich is about $100,000. Before leaving the show, Former Life Below Zero Cast used to make $4,500 per season.

"Life Below Zero" cast, Kate Rorke-Bassich.
“Life Below Zero” cast, Kate Rorke-Bassich.

“Life Below Zero” Cast Death. Did anyone die?

There have been many fans wanting to know about Life BelowZero Cast death. Luckily, and somewhat miraculously, during the shooting of “Life Below Zero,” no cast members have died, as life in the extreme conditions of Alaska is full of risks and potential dangers.

Mainly when they often expose themselves to dangerous situations just for the sake of it, i.e., to build suspense and excitement for television.

Sue Aiken was potentially the nearest to death in 2007, when she encountered a grizzly bear in close contact. She survived the accident, but she was left with a head injury, a torn muscle, and also a dislocated knee.

She spent ten days lying on the grass in extreme pain but later found and saved. Believe it or not, after obtaining a gun, Sue managed to return to the “crime scene,” and she shot and killed the unfortunate bear.

So, despite there are thousands of people searching for “Life Below Zero star dies” and “Life Below Zero Cast Death”, we are happy to tell you that everyone is alive as of now.

 “Life Below Zero” Cast’s Net Worth Table

Name Networth
Glen Villeneuve $500, 000-$1 million
Agnes Hailstone $100,000
Sue Aikens $500,000
Chip Hailstone $100,000
Kate Rorke Bassich $100,000
Andy Bassich $250,000
Martha Mae Salitan $400,000
James Franzo $100,000 -$249,000.

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